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Questions and answers for applicants:

How can I create my profile at Transfermarkt Bau?

With the help of our online application form you can apply free of charge and anonymously.

What are the requirements when I create my profile?

We need at least the contact details for an anonymous application – e-mail address or phone number.
When creating a short application, please inform us at which time of day we may best reach you.

Can I also apply via e-mail?

You can also send your application by e-mail including a cover letter, CV and all relevant certificates to

How should I attach my files?

If possible, please send your files in PDF format.
Clearly mention your attachments, e.g. cover letter, CV, certificates.
The CV should be complete, including information about the performed tasks at your professional stages.
If you have any references, please feel free to attach them to your documents.

Are there any costs if I file my application or create a profile?

You, by being the applicant, will of course not incur any costs.

How will you process my data?

For us, data protection more than a compulsory task.
We keep every contact with you strictly confidential and also our clients will get information about you, once we got to know you personally and have your permission to forward the information. We will use your data exclusively internally, in order to compare your profile with the existing interests.

What do the abbreviations on the tab Knowledge and Qualification mean and do I have to enter information in every item?

You do not need to check every category. If you do not check a category, it only means that you do not have any knowledge in this field.

VOB – Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations
Part A – General provisions for the awarding of construction works
Part B - General terms for the execution of construction works
Part C - General technical terms for construction works
HOAI - Fee structure for architects and engineers
AHO - Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects (project management)
BGB - Civil Code
iTow - Construction software
ProBau - Construction software
Auer - Construction software
BRZ - Construction data processing centre, construction software
MS Office - Office software
MS Projekt - Software for project management
Auto CAD - Software to create drawings
Inventor - Software to create drawings

Questions and answers for companies:

Which advantages do I have as a company when I am working with Transfermarkt Bau?

We undertake the entire candidate selection for you, issue applicant's dossiers according to your criteria and thus create free capacities in your company. After a pre-selection and the presentation of the potential applicants, of course, the final choice and the decision on your new employees will be up to you.
By advertising your vacancy with us, your current employees will not be concerned.

Which cost will incur for me as a company?

Of course, the registration and contacting with Transfermarkt Bau will be free of charge for you. Cost will only incur if you make use of one of our products.
We will be glad to prepare an offer without any commitment for you.

How can I register with you as a company or contact you?

In the menu bar you will find the button Company, or click on the icon Entrepreneur. Here you will find the registration form for entrepreneurs as well as the general contact data.
You may also call us on +49 (0)800 72 444 31. Or go to Contact and send us your individual enquiry.

Did you miss any questions?

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