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About us

The foundation and the idea of Transfermarkt Bau come from a long-term experience in an internationally active construction company. Our manager worked as a Division Manager and has extensive experience in the construction industry and a close cooperation with the internationally acting recruiting department.

From this activity it rapidly became apparent, that on the one hand, there was a high requirement in professionals and executives and on the other hand there was a demand in interesting projects by engineers, construction managers, structural engineers, commercial project managers, architects, etc. We know which difficulties companies and professionals and executives might face when recruiting new employees.

Our business idea is, to bring both sides together with the objective of a successful and continuous cooperation. Our solution is not only the placement of staff, but also includes the staff development, e.g. the training in the latest construction software and the training in our or in your company as well as the advancing of young graduates such as the candidates in the training program.

For us, there is neither "big" and "small" customer nor "important" and "unimportant" orders - we love our daily work and are looking forward to consult you comprehensively and competently.